Travels || Exploring Lindos, Rhodes

Whilst we were in Greece, we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. When Alex & I got married, we decided to make a pact that we would always ensure we would spend the day together and spend it in a new city/place. We have managed to stick to our plan so far, and I hope it will continue!!

Seeing as we were in Rhodes for our anniversary we thought it would be nice to spend the day in Lindos. Lindos is your typical Greek town. White buildings with blue doors surrounded with most beautiful scented flowers. Another bonus were the Donkeys as they are Alex's favourite animal...! He has such a soft spot for the Donkeys.

We spent the day exploring the town, eating and drinking in the Greek taverns and visiting the Acropolis. It was an incredibly hot day so the walk up the hill to visit the Acropolis wasn't the easiest but the view at the top made it worth while.

We finished the day off with an amazing meal at the incredible Melenos Lindos restaurant which had the best views. We highly recommend visiting this restaurant as the service was impeccable. We chose to take advantage of the lovely weather that evening and eat our dinner outside on the roof terrace. The view of the sun setting on the day was something that will be locked into our memories for a while. We could not of asked for anything better in terms of spending the day reminiscing about the past 4 years and what was to come this year!

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