Oui || New Chapters and Arrivals

So, things have got a little bit quiet around here but for good reason! A LOT has been going on... and that is not an overstatement!!

We have finally completed and brought our own house down here in Cornwall and moved in at the start of November. We absolutely love our new home. It is a 1890 Cornish granite 2/3 bed cottage in a  small village outside of Falmouth. We already feel at home here, and we have many plans of what we want to do to the house to make it more 'ours'.
The next big news is that we also found out that Alex and I are expecting a baby.... so as you can tell we have been a little pre-occupied. We are both over the moon for these two new chapters in our life... new home, new baby! I think you can tell by that look on Alex's face below. He will hate me for putting that photo on here, but I love it...! He looks so smug and happy. We feel incredibly blessed and lucky to be able to go on this journey. The congratulations and love we have had from our friends and family has been incredible. We feel that Mini May is going to be one loved baby from all around.

We are not going to lie, it is a little bit daunting due to the fact that we have more of a tighter deadline to do bits and pieces around the house where we thought we would have a little bit more time but it will be worth it. I am currently 14 weeks and feeling pretty good other than a viral infection which does not seem to be shifting. Never again will I underestimate the powers of Neurofen or Beechams when I am not pregnant.... However I can not complain as I have not had the usual symptoms of the first trimester such as morning sickness. I am now in the second trimester...where is the time going?!

We can't wait to blog more about our new home and our new arrival in 2017...!!

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