Travels || St Ives, Cornwall

I can't believe I am going to say this as I don't know where the time has gone. I feel we are on the final countdown before we meet our new little boy. We are prepping the house and our minds for his arrival and the excitement is fully heightened and the nerves are starting to kick in as his birthday approaches very quickly in 8 weeks (that is if he is not late... please don't be late Mini May!!)

Due to being so busy working on the house and his nursery and also general life. Alex and I wanted to take a few days away to try and relax and get our last 'holiday' as a couple in to spend some time together. We left it a little late to be able to fly anywhere hot so we started looking at UK breaks. We were looking at the Cotswolds, New Forest and the Lake District and in the end Alex suggested a 'staycation' at St Ives. It might be 35 minutes away from where we live but it feels like a million miles away when we go to visit. The last time we actually visited St Ives as a holiday was nearly 5 years ago on our mini honeymoon and it could not have been more perfect.

We jumped on to air bnb and was spoilt for choice but we found the perfect place. A one bedroom apartment right on Porthmeor Beach with a balcony that we could sit on and look out to the sea. We popped to Porthmeor Cafe for a late breakfast and coffee (decaf for me!). We just sat in the sun outside on the terrace overlooking the beach which reminded us of our Australian days.

My one requirement of the break was that we went out for a really nice meal as I know this will be one of our last chances for a while and we did just that. We visited the restaurant Alba where the food was incredible and the service was impeccable too. The waitress spotted my baby bump and brought me the 'mocktail' drink menu straight away. She read my mind!! 

The Piazza apartment could not of been more perfect. It was so private and in a old 1960's apartment block. Most people hate concrete 1960's buildings but Alex will tell you I have a small love affair with them. The straight lines mixed with the wired glass... something just appeals to me inside. The building complex even has its own personal Barbara Hepworth sculpture. 

Alex and I love St Ives. We love its atmosphere and its small cobbled streets full of small independent shops and businesses. Popping in and out of galleries and gawping at peoples talent with a paint brush or clay. If you are an art lover then St Ives is the place to visit. 

Our least favourite part of St Ives has to be the fact that everyone and his dog knows about its beauty too. If you visit in the summer it is like Piccadilly Circus. However the weekend we chose seemed to be fairly quiet and what made it even better was that the sun shone for the first time this year and temperatures hit 16 degrees!! Due to being pregnant I always seem to wake up early which means we took advantage of watching the most amazing sunrises. We would be the first people to make footprints on the beach as we took early morning walks and taking advantage of the uncrowded beaches.

This break was perfect as we just relaxed, caught up on lost sleep, watched the sun rise and the sun set, walked for miles over the coast and ate good food. We could not of asked for anymore!! 

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