Me & Baby || 6 Weeks

I can't quite believe where the time is going but little Lawson is 6 weeks already. I can't seem to remember what life was like before he made his appearance. Days seem to speed by and fill up pretty quickly that I don't quite know how I used to fill my day's up with before. Don't get me wrong though, I have not forgotten the luxury of a full night's sleep. Oh how I would love just one night of unbroken sleep.... just for one night!!

I am currently typing this blog with Lawson sitting in his bouncer with one foot bouncing him to sleep. Multi- talented Mama right here!!

6 weeks hey... he has hit double figures in his weight. He is now over 10lbs. I have packed away his tiny new born clothes that swamped him when he was born that he can hardly squeeze into now. It was quite emotional doing this. I can't believe how much he has grown. Who needs the gym, when you have a baby that is piling on the pounds to carry/push around.
Lawson recently has become so much more aware of his surroundings. He is looking around a lot more and taking it all in. We aim to get out and about every day if we can, weather dependant! Not that Lawson really notices as he still sleeps throughout the day.
Talking about sleep, he has a big hatred towards his moses during the day, not napping any more than 20 mins in his moses. However in arms or in his bouncy chair, he can go for hours!! What is strange is that he *touch wood* sleeps in his moses at night 2-3 hours at a time so I don't quite get his feelings towards his moses during the day.

I absolutely love having baby cuddles from Lawson... he is just so squishy!! The hours I spend just looking at him in awe is insane ha!!! He really is a beautiful baby. Made even more so beautiful as we have had the odd smile from him. I can't wait for this to become a daily thing, he face lights up. I also admit to crying the first time he smiled as I was not expecting it at all. I love how this little boy surprises me every day.

The things that Lawson loves at the moment are still looking at the beams and windows in our living room. He just stares at them for so long... and he also loves to look at Mr Fox and Rory the Lion his stuffed toys. Surprisingly his ear's don't seem to bleed when I sing to him... and he loves 'Hickory Dickory Dock' and 'The grand old Duke of York' nursery rhymes being sung to him. He also loves having his evening bath when Daddy gets home from work.

He also met Aunty Alice, Uncle Rich, his BFF Arthur in these 6 weeks.

I am feeling much better in myself now.  I am not going to lie, the first week of Alex being back at work was tough. I got so used to having an extra pair of hands around to help during the day when Alex was on paternity leave. However my mum came to visit and gave me plenty of tips. The first week, I really felt the fact that we live in a town where our closest family members are 1.5 hours away. I felt incredibly alone even though I know the phone is just there... but it just isn't the same. Anyone who has a baby and has their family around the corner from them are incredibly lucky to have that support network. My mum was amazing though, giving lots of pointers and encouragement where it really was needed. The love and respect for my parents has grown since becoming a parent myself.

However as the weeks have passed and my confidence has grown we both love to get out of the house and go for walks. Its nice to go for a walk and not feel massive and out of breath with a baby bump. However pushing a pram around must be burning the calories!!  My belly is still a little soft and I am waiting for my 6 week check up before resuming any form of exercise to try and tone this belly up. I am not going to go crazy though, my body went through the wars and I am going to be incredibly kind to it.

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